WINBAG Inflatable Shim, Accessory, WINBAG

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Meet the versatile tool that is a MUST for every tool box. The WINBAG® packs a powerful 300 pounds of lifting pressure and is great for leveling windows, installing cabinets, positioning heavy doors and so much more.

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The WINBAG® was invented by a window installer who felt there was a tool missing in his tool box that would make many of his every day jobs easier. By developing his ideas together with Fastener Manufacturer RED HORSE the WINBAG® was created! Now Professionals and DYIs alike can use Winbag with great advantages, such as:

  • 300 LBS / 135 KILO force at your fingertips
  • Leveling of elements from narrow gaps of 3/32” (2mm) and up to 2” (50 mm)
  • Infinite adjusting possibilities
  • Everyone can be a pro with WINBAG®!
  • Gentle on surfaces leaving no scratches behind
  • Time saving- very often a two man job can now be one man and a Winbag!
  • WINBAG® PUSH one handed release valve to make the leveling concise!
  • WINBAGS® safety value allows a no fail approach to installs
  • Very durable – can be used again and again and comes with a one year Manufacturer Warranty


Your imagination is the ONLY limit for what WINBAG® can do! Leveling, adjusting, positioning, lifting, pushing, holding, or pressing you can use the WINBAG® for.

  • Positioning window and door frames before final fastening
  • Lifting even heavy doors into place on or off the hinges easily
  • Adjustments of household appliances
  • When installing cabinets the WINBAG® provides precise leveling and an extra hand
  • Great leveler and extra hand with drywall installation
  • Adjustments and leveling of heavy appliances
  • WINBAG® is an extra hand to hold an item in place while you work on a project
  • Temporary lifting of objects
  • As a “soft shim” against delicate surfaces
  • WINBAG® goes where we can’t! Tight spots and narrow locations
  • and so much more – TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOBS

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