Trim Head Wood Screws, 9 x 1-5/8, AXIS 305 Stainless Steel Star Drive, 148 ct, 30145

On sale: $30.02
Part Number:30145
screw productsepic trim head screws

The EPIC™ Trim Head is designed to take wood screws to an entire new level (patent pending). Our extra sharp Fast Start Tip saves you time onsite and our Twin Blade Knurls outperform any other. The Turbine Ribs ensure an incredibly clean finish. Its cup shaped countersinking head provides unparalleled holding power and less risk of splitting. The small trim head provides a clean, professional connection.

  • 305 Stainless Steel
  • Advanced Trim Head
  • Turbine Ribs
  • Twin Blade Knurls
  • Fast Start Tip
  • Includes Drive Bit!

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