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Are Your Lag Screws Code-Compliant?

Read to learn about Technical Evaluation Reports – and why you should care. [ Read More ]

Using the right grade Stainless Steel screws?

While most Stainless Steel screws look the same there are significant differences among the Stainless Steel grades used... [ Read More ]

Pump It Up...!

Story about the crazy idea that ended up taking the whole world by storm... [ Read More ]

Is Your Deck Secure?

As decks get older, the wood degrades (dries out, cracks, checks) and the nailed and screwed connections become unreliable; the possibility for collapse increases. DeckLok... [ Read More ]

Need A New Railing On Your Deck?

Our RailLok® Fence & Railing Section Bracket is available in a durable White or Black Powder Coat Finish and in 316 Stainless Steel. Find out more about RailLok®. [ Read More ]

AXIS™ General Purpose Wood Screw with Turbine Ribs™

What Creates A Strong Wood Connection? The new AXIS™ General Purpose Wood Screw with Turbine Ribs™ does just that. Unlike many countersunk screws the new AXIS has Convex Curved Milling Ribs – also better known as Turbine Ribs (patent pending). [ Read More ]