ROCO Wood to Metal (Steel) Screws, #14 x 2-3/4 , Star Drive, 38 Appx ct, 30401

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Part Number:30401
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The ROCO™ Wood to Steel screw is specifically designed for increased holding power and an incredibly clean finish. When engaging the wood, the screw effortlessly drills through the wood while the wings mill and oversized hole. When the screw engages the steel base, the oversized hole prevents threads from engaging the wood, lifting wood and steel apart (jacking). The specially engineered drill point cuts fast through the steel and firmly clamps the wood and steel together.

ZYTEC™ GX Gold Coating : for general outdoor use. Compatible with most above ground pressure treated lumber. For ground contact treated lumber, areas within one mile of saltwater, near swimming pools, exposure to corrosive chemicals, or other areas where corrosion is more likely to occur, use proper grade Stainless Steel.

Includes Drive Bit

  • Wood-to-Metal (Steel)
  • Trailer Decking
  • Roof Decking
  • Subfloor Decking
  • Steel Deck Framing
  • Truck & Trailer Beds
  • Commercial & Residential - And so much more!

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