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Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit

Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit

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The Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit allows for hands-free installation of doors and windows into rough openings, allowing you to check reveals and adjust as necessary.

“After years of working alone as a general contractor, I found it diffi cult to do many jobs without the help of an extra set hands, especially when it came to installing doors. So, I set out to find an easy way to to allow me to hold the door in place, so I could make adjustment, shim and secure it without frustration or help of another person. In 2004 that became a reality with the development of my DOOR HOLDER KIT. It’s perfect for contractors or the average DIYer and totally reusable.”
- Dan Baldwin, Inventor of Install-A-Door

The Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit

  • Enables user to install a door in its rough opening without assistance
  • Improves safety & effi ciency when installing a door
  • Cuts installation time in half
  • Kit consists of eight reusable holders and pan screws
  • To install a door, user places four holders on rough opening and four holders on the opposite side of the rough opening.
  • User next sets the door and frame in rough opening then squares the door with shims and nails the door in place.
  • Holders are then removed and project is complete.

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