Is your deck secure?

As decks get older, the wood degrades (dries out, cracks, checks) and the nailed and screwed connections become unreliable; the possibility for collapse increases. DeckLok, The Advanced Lateral Anchor can be easily retrofitted to existing decks, as well as new construction, to strengthen the substructure of your deck.

DeckLok is a patented, advanced lateral anchor system that significantly strengthens the critical connections between deck components to greatly reduce the risk of collapse which, subsequently, reduce builder and homeowner liability. The DeckLok system augments the critical nailed connections with brackets that are bolted to hold the deck’s sub frame together. Decks fail when the nailed connections pull loose. When DeckLok Anchors are used, decks hold together to the limit of the timber strength, not just until the nails pull out. By adding DeckLok Anchors to your current construction methods, your deck will be able to meet or exceed IRC requirements for resisting lateral force and guard rail post loads.

The DeckLok Bracket System was engineered to address the three most critical connections on a deck: railing systems, ledger boards and stair stringers.

Click here to read a more in depth article about Deck Collapses and how DeckLok works.

Click here to see an animated movie showing how DeckLok is installed in various scenarios.

DeckLok Anchor are construced from 16 gauge steel and available with a post-manufactured hot dip galvanized coating for traditional deck applications and in 316 stainless steel for use on boat docks and other seacoast applications. These products are compatible with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated wood products.

Find out more about DeckLok below – click on the products and go directly to the website. All DeckLok products are on sale!

DeckLok Bracket Hot Dip Galvanized
DeckLok Bracket 316 Stainless Steel


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