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Bronze Star Lag Star Drive Screws

screw productsbronze star star drive wood screw

Round washer head, Extra Sharp Point with Type 17 Auger Point, deep sharp threads, spiral cut thread, hardened steel, coated. Available individually, in 50ct, 100ct or bulk. Now includes FREE Drive Bit!

Lag Screw Specifications

Screw Size:#14X#15X#17X
Thread Diameter:Approx: 1/4" (.25”)Approx: 9/32" (.265”)Approx: 5/16" (.31”)
Shank Diameter:Approx: 3/16 (.167")Approx: 7/32" (.205")Approx: 1/4"(.25")
Head Diameter:Approx: 1/2"Approx: 5/8"Approx: 11/16"
Recess Size: T25 Drive T30 Drive T40 Drive