AXIS™ General Purpose Wood Screw with Turbine Ribs™

What Creates A Strong Wood Connection?

The new AXIS™ General Purpose Wood Screw with Turbine Ribs™ does just that.

Unlike many countersunk screws the new AXIS has Convex Curved Milling Ribs – also better known as Turbine Ribs (patent pending).

See AXIS in action!

But why curved milling ribs?

Often countersunk screws are likely to split the wood due to the “wedge effect” of traditional countersinking designs. This also result in less holding power.

Instead the new AXIS screw with Turbine Ribs creates a “cup-formed” countersunk shape into the wood. This increases the holding power drastically and reduces the splitting effect. Finally, the small ring around the head makes sure to cut any top fibers left and leaves a perfect finish for any project.

Make sure to choose a fastener that doesn’t split the wood wide open for moisture to come in and cause rot. Prolong the lifetime of your project today by choosing AXIS!


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